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Easy Camping for Happy Glampers

Imagine this.

It’s Friday, the end of the day. You power down your workstation, grab your bag, and head home. The family is waiting for you to get home from work so you can pile into the car and head into the wilderness for the weekend. You quickly pack an overnight bag and load the car with your personal gear and a cooler.

Driving across the province – you go through farmlands and rolling hills, into the rocky outcrops of the Whiteshell… listening to your fav tunes and catching up with your family after a hectic week.

Pulling into your campsite, the breathtaking Sibley bell tent greets you. While the rest of the world is busy unloading gear, setting up tents, hammering in pegs… you slide into one of the cozy Woods Strathcona Camping Bucket Chairs, curl up underneath the Revelstoke blanket, snap the tab on a drink, and light the campfire.

The biggest concern this weekend is whether to sneak s’mores in before dinner… or wait until after.

You spend the weekend adventuring with your family. Hiking. Paddling on the lake. Watching sunsets, skipping rocks, listening to the loons. Someone learns how to ride a bike. Someone wins at Monopoly for the first time. Someone spots a shooting star.

And then, when it’s time to leave, you pack up your personal items and head home… leaving the gear as you found it. You get home, unpack the car, and toss your clothes into the washing machine.

And just like that… a successful weekend spent in the wilderness making memories and chasing adventure has come to a close.

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