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Fall Camping – Hot Tips to Keep Warm on the Chilly Nights

The long, slow-burn sunsets are on FIRE during the fall season, and Sunrises are a slightly more reasonable time of day… hurray for sleeping in a bit. And trails are dry, filled with the smell of fallen leaves, and fewer bugs to deal with.

Enn Taant will be operating this fall, and we have all the hot tips to warm you up on cooler nights.
We supply bedding, but we keep it simple and ask that folks add extra layers if they feel personally necessary. If you’re a cold sleeper, you can always pack a water bottle into bed with you. Keep it at your core; you’re your toes! Snuggle up with it and enjoy a cozy sleep!

When you wake up, stretch while still in your sleeping bag. Warm those muscles and start your day! One trick we love is to keep the clothing we plan to wear for the day in bed. When you wake up, tuck the clothes under the blankets with you. Give them a chance to warm and voila! Warm start to the day.
While in bed – if you have to pee, go pee! It takes a lot of energy to keep a full bladder at body temperature, and the briefest moments to get outside to pee will mean a much more warm and restful sleep.

Keep moving. Get up and do a little activity if you’re cold in your camp chair while the campfire is first lit. Jog in place, do jumping jacks, and take a quick and brisk walk.

Layer up your clothes. Choose a fabric that wicks moisture and doff layers as you start to warm up… try to avoid sweating! Insulated layers (we love our down-filled booties) can keep your toes warm and comfy as you move around the camp. Pack extra layers of clothing, and be sure to have your rain gear on hand! A pair of light mittens can make a difference when you wake up and start your day in camp.

When you’re cooking during cooler months, you’ll use more fuel. If you’re bringing any of your own gear that uses fuel (lanterns, etc.), be sure to increase the fuel you pack. Pack easy dishes that take less effort and energy to prepare – this way, you can focus on other activities if it’s too cold to spend time cooking outdoors.

Stay well hydrated and stay energized with increased caloric consumption. You’ll be burning more calories while at rest in the cooler temperatures.

A great way to prepare for fall camping is to let EnnTaant take care of the details. Our canvas bell tents are strong, sturdy, and absolutely delightful for cooler-weather camping.

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